He's a self-educated documentary photographer and visual storyteller. Following his bachelor’s degree in Commerce, he pursued photography as a passion. In 2011, the eruption of the revolution presented a perfect moment to begin his practice. He have attended several workshops to polish his skills, such as Foundry's workshop in Rwanda (2019) and the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DJMX)’s workshop series in Cairo (2019-2021). Also, he have dabbled in filmmaking and have been experimenting in the film industry.


Throughout his visual storytelling practice, he have always tried to get as close as possible to the stories he tells - while remaining relatively invisible. He is primarily interested in under explored narratives which fly under the radar of national and international attention. Stories that unravel themselves the deeper he digs, revealing the liminal, the mundane, and the unseen. These stories depict hardship, surely. But they also demonstrate human resilience in the face of deprivation and injustice. his role is to bring out these complex stories to the surface, untangle their sociopolitical nuances, and contribute to the documentation of lives that might be forgotten.


  • ABC News.
    • Bloomberg.
    • NATGEO Yourshot.
    • Mashable.
    • El-Sabah News.
    • El-Badil News.
    • Dotmsr News.
    • Middle East Eye.
    • Save the children.
    • Vii Academy.
  • Syria untold.
  • Japan foundation.


  • Everyday Cairo – 2015.
    • Everyday Cairo – 2017.
    • The Shukran foundation – 2019.
    • VII Academy students – 2019.
    • Cairographie – 2020.
    • Cairo photo week 2021.

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